My name is Behn (pronounced Ben; it’s like John). I work with Dan and Steve (pronounced Dan and Steve). Together we’ve created Duck Soup Style. At DSS we want to help all guys look and feel their best. We’re not a fashion site (although sometimes that will seep in), nor are we a place that only serves those in the know. DSS is about providing all men with advice that will (hopefully) equip them with the know-how to dress and feel better. We want to be inclusive

This project came to pass due to my interest in writing and background working in retail (paired, obviously, with Dan and Steve’s knowledge of online business and successful online┬ácompany). I spent about four years working in a men’s clothing shop getting to know the ins and outs of men’s style, but more importantly, getting to know how men feel about personal style and what holds them back from taking that step.