Calories in Alcohol

Alcoholic Beverages Ranked by Calories

I, like a lot of folks, don’t mind tying one on now and then; everything in moderation including moderation (I think that’s an ancient Chinese proverb).

Sometimes letting loose with your pals or significant other can be a fine, if not glamorous, way to release some of the steam that you’ve been holding in.

I’m all for it, honestly. Some people, however, while still interested in tying one on are also fairly concerned about their caloric intake. While this may seem ridiculous to some, we’re not here to judge people like that. I respect your adherence to a certain diet even while consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

As the Barenaked Ladies said, and I’m paraphrasing here, it’s important to have a place where you can walk the fine line between self control and self abuse.

If you’re looking to get drunk in a way that won’t be the caloric equivalent of eating seven containers of French fries, well then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll break down a few alcohols that are better for you than others and offer a few tips on how to keep things less sugary, with less calories, and less of a hangover.

At the end of the day you need to drink what makes you happy, or alternately, drink what drowns away those sorrows. Henceforth, ranked, you will find popular alcoholic beverages by calorie count. Some of the lesser caloric options may not quite be to your taste, but if you’re willing to bite the bullet and try to include drinking as part of a healthy diet you will save yourself quite a few future pounds.

Beer Bellies:

Calories: 150

A can of beer, nothing too wild or fancy, is going to come in around 150 calories. By all accounts, this is going to be the worst option for you, for a number of reasons. First off, if we’re comparing a can of beer (12 oz.), to a glass of wine (5 oz.), to a shot of hard alcohol (1 oz.) then beer is the worst offender here.

At approximately 150 calories you’re more than doubling the caloric intake of one oz. of hard alcohol. And for a lot of people, if you really choose to tie one on you’re going to be approaching double figures in beers consumed. This is a calorie bomb if there ever was one.

If you are making a concerted effort to watch your calories than I would advise you to stay away from beer on a night out. Delicious as it is, you’re going to see those pounds come and and see them come on quickly.

Counting Calories: Wine

Calories: 120

Your average glass of wine, in this case a five ounce serving, is going to contain about 120 calories. The problem most run into with wine is that it contains quite a bit of sugar. Wine is not something I would recommend for binge drinking, but to each their own.

Wine is fairly heavy in the calorie side of things as well as being full of sugar. Some people may espouse the benefits of antioxidants, and that sounds pretty reasonable to me, but for a whole night of getting loose wine is probably not going to be the healthy value play here.

Hard Liquors:

Vodka Calories: 65
Rum Calories; 65
Whiskey Calories: 70

A shot of vodka contains roughly 65 calories. This is typically what people who are watching their waste line opt to drink. While vodka may not be everyone’s poison of choice, it is light in calories and mixed with soda and a lime wedge won’t be too abusive to your system. It’s great for hangovers too. Not my favourite drink but an efficient way to tip a few back without the calorie and sugar punch associated with other adult beverages.

A shot of whiskey is going to contain about 70 calories. This, like vodka is going to be a good option for you especially if you’re going to be dirnking it Don Draper style (neat). Where people run into problems with whiskey is that it is often mixed with something horrendous for your health, like Coke. If you can avoid sugary mixes than you should be fine. Again, go with some soda water and a bit of citrus. It’s kind of a good catch-all mix for drinking hard liquor. It’s by no means a blast of flavour but it will soften the harshness of the whiskey and add a little something extra to your beverage;

A shot of rum, which is weird by the way, is also going to be about 65 calories. Like whiskey, rum is often mixed with any number of sodas, often Coke. It’s going to catch up with you so drink it straight, I guess? I’ve never been much of a rum fan so I can’t confirm that this is a good idea. I’m leaning towards it being a bad idea. Do as you wish, though, and remember not to throw in any soda.

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