Apparel for Health Care Professionals

If you’re a health care professional, for example, a doctor, nurse, lab technician, etc, you understand the importance of comfort and function for any type of apparel. The exact requirements will depend on the job and individual preferences, but there are a few common themes that tend to constantly appear when discussing apparel for doctors or nurses.


First, those in  health care professions often work really long shifts, most of which is spent on their feet. For example, your typing Registered Nurse will work 3-4 12 hour shifts in a row, followed by a few days off, and repeat. These nurses are always on their feet (with exception of any breaks they may get), and even if the adrenaline is pumping and they don’t feel any pain at the time, aches and pains are bound to arise after a set of shifts. Doctors are often in a very similar situation as well, especially those working long shifts in residency or in the operating room.

Fortunately, this is a big enough issue that a lot of work has been put into developing comfortable footwear for nurses and doctors. The first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people are nurses in scrubs and white runners. While there isn’t a whole lot of flexibility with the style of scrubs, shoes on the other hand represent a fun alternative to style up your work attire. The classic white runners are popular simply because these are often the most comfortable, and the ones that nurses wear are specific to functionality within that profession. Recently, more and more effort has been put into adding some sort of stylish flare to these shoes as well, so there really is something out there for everyone. We recommend looking for a list of the top shoes for nurses if you are interested in this.


Secondly, one of the most underrated items for any health care professional is a watch. Keeping up with the hustle and bustle is enough work as it is, but add in medication times, follow-up times, and other tasks that are highly dependent on accurate timing, and the need for functionality is increased.

There are many different watch styles out there to accommodate a health care professional’s needs. For example, lapel watches are meant to make it easier to view your watch face upside down and are great if you want to keep your wrists free of any watch. Otherwise, high quality water- and stain-resistant watches are necessary, as the constant hand washing and dealing with other fluids can make for a messy environment. Stylish watches for nurses are a lot easier to find than shoes, which basically makes them a must for any doctor or nurse.


It can be really easy to disregard style when it comes to professions that are so dependent on functionality. That said, there really is a lot out there, and any doctor or nurse can work their way towards a style that is unique and still professional. For some people, this won’t matter at all, but for others, it’s a great way to boost confidence and add some fun to the work day!

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