Best Beard Brush and Combs For Beard Grooming

Take Your Beard To The Next Level With A Beard Brush and Comb

Perhaps the most underrated aspect of beard grooming, any beardsman worth his salt is going to want to pick up the best beard brush and beard comb he can find.

Step one to a beautiful beard is, of course, beard balm or beard oil. But assuming you’ve joined the legion of men who condition their beard on a daily basis, combing and brushing your beard is going to take it to the next level, where fewer men reside.

Why You Need To Brush Your Beard

Libery Grooming Beard Brush

Think you’re pretty cool applying your beard balm or oil? I’ve got news for you.

You are.

But you’re only MOSTLY cool.

See, to become 100% cool, you need to make sure you’re going balls to the wall when it comes to cleaning, styling, and keeping your beard healthy.

A beard brush, surprisingly, does all of those things.

Naturally the main reason most use it is to control the beard hairs that do not seem to want to cooperate.

It grabs a lot of hairs at a time, and gets deep within the beard, allowing you to pull a significant portion of your beard into position at one time. It’s the best way to get a clean look that, when combined with a balm, will keep your beard looking crisp and groomed all day.

It can turn a decent beard into a classic masterpiece, simply by making it a bit more straight and a bit more in line with itself.

But styling is just one of the reasons you’ll want a beard brush.

Cleanliness and healthiness follow from brushing regularly.

The firm bristles will get down to the skin on your face, pulling away dead skin cells, shed beard hairs, and oil build up that can occur on the face, which can cause breakouts, itching, and damage your skin, meaning your beard is not growing in the best environment.

So a beard brush is going to style, clean, and keep your beard strong and healthy. How could you go through bearded life without one?

We recommend going for a boar hair bristle brush. Do not be cheap and get a brush with plastic bristles for $10 at the drug store. Bristles that are not natural can cause friction and actually do more damage to the hair than not brushing at all.

Make sure it’s real boar hair.

For us, there’s only one option, and that’s the beard brush from Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

You can read a bit more about it here, but suffice it to say that this is the best of the bunch.

They’ve lab tested the brush to prove that it’s real boar hair, which is huge, because most of the other options you can find have users complaining that the brush does not contain boar hair exclusively, being either partially or fully made out of manmade materials. Oops.

It’s also custom designed to look and feel like a brush for a man.

You won’t feel like you’re using your girlfriend or sister’s hair brush anymore.

Why You Need A Beard Comb

Right, so the beard brush is the top level most important thing to take your beard to the next level, but what about it’s partner in crime, the beard comb?

There are different styles, some meant for different types of beards than others.

You’ve got your close-toothed combs that are meant for shorter beards, and for really finely tuning your style.

Then you’ve got the wider toothed combs, typically made out of wood, that can be helpful in getting through a massive beard.

Short or long, your beard can benefit from the brush and the comb (unless you’ve got 2 weeks growth or less. A brush is still great for a short beard because of the cleaning properties and it still keeps short hairs lying nicely, but there’s not as much use for a comb if it’s that short).

A comb does a couple things.

One, it helps to get everything pointing in the right direction in the big picture, so that the brush can come in and lay everything exactly how you want it. The comb gives direction, the brush solidifies the style.

Second, it’s useful for longer beards to use a comb to brush beard oil through. One of the best practices is to apply beard oil, comb it, then apply beard balm, and brush it. Add that little trick to your long-beard grooming routine and you’ll be a new man.

Now, if you like the teeth closer together, and something that is a bit more versatile for combing your beard and head hair, you can’t go wrong with a Kent comb.

Do not, I repeat do not, use a cheap comb from the drug store here.

Most of those combs are injection molded. You’re always going to have some microscopic jagged edges in the metal mold, which will translate into microscopic jagged edges in the plastic of the comb.

Pass this through your beard enough and you will start to fray and cut into the hairs, which negates the point of trying to keep it looking nice.

Best Beard Combs

Kent goes so far above and beyond.

They use solid pieces of high quality plastic and they cut each tooth by hand with a power saw. Each tooth is then sanded. There is no possible way for a Kent comb to catch your beard hairs.

It is a treat to use a Kent and you will notice the difference immediately if you’ve been using a cheap, crappy comb.

Depending on the size you want, go with the shorter one. or this longer one with two types of teeth.

The other option is the wider tooth combs, that typically have longer teeth, for longer beards. While they do come in metal in some cases, the most popular are made out of wood.

Huntsman makes a nice double sided comb. This is becoming a popular style, with one side having tighter packed teeth, with wider teeth on the opposite side. We like the Huntsman because it’s slightly higher quality than the rest, and comes with a travel bag.

If you don’t dig the admittedly somewhat awkward look and feel of the double sider, Mr. Rugged has you covered with this simple, yet functional option. It’s handmade out of pear wood, and is perfect for massive beards.

Men, if you aren’t upping your game with a brush and comb, you’re leaving points on the table. Take your beard to the next level and achieve greatness. Pick these up today.

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Curt Storring is a bearded husband and father. He runs Liberty Premium Grooming Co., and is passionate about helping men become self-sufficient and take responsibility for their own lives.

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