The Best Kegerator

The Best Kegerators

What makes a desirable kegerator for your patio, man cave or kitchen? According to the majority of customer reviews, kegerators are judged on their ability to keep beer cold, quality parts, reliability, cost and customer service. As these units are increasing in popularity, more companies are jumping on the kegerator bandwagon to offer this option to consumers. These beer dispensers will make any enthusiast say goodbye to bottles and kick those cans to the curb. Kegerators comes in a wide variety of options and styles to fit any household and any budget. Get yourself a kegerator for your next event, but be warned, your popularity may increase 10-fold, especially for the upcoming summer months!

The History of Kegerators

The kegerator’s origins are a little bit of a mystery, being a do-it-yourself skill that had been passed down. It is highly likely that the first kegerators were being used in the early 1900s. More than likely, it was saloons and pubs that first began keeping beer cold in refrigerator units. About the same time that prohibition began in the US, beer was still perfectly legal in the United Kingdom. After World War One ended, the kegerator was being used in the UK to deliver chilled Guinness.

A similar innovation was being used in the US at this time, the soda fountain. The soda fountain was invented by a pharmacist named Jacob Baur. He manufactured sode machines for drug stores and factory models in the early 1900s. This changed the way people thought about their beverages and lead to rapid advancements in technology. Once beer became legal once more in 1933, the groundwork had been laid for the early kegerators to emerge.

Things to Consider: Kegerator Basics

A kegerator is essentiall a beer refrigerator- but for kegs of beer. Rather than having to load up your fridge weekly with cases of beer, you can instead load up a fresh keg from your local brewery every month. The design is simple- basically it's a fridge with a hose and keg coupler which up to a tap. Attached to your hose line is a CO2 tank (which you need to fill) and a regulator to ensure you have the right level of C02 pumping into your beer.

One of the best parts is that all of this is on wheels, making it extremely easy to move if necessary. You can simply bring it out for special events, or lock it in place for more permanent establishments. Another awesome feature is that the beer line is extremely short which means you're not going to have foamy beer issues or flat beer like you see in restaurants. Especially some of the newer restaurants that will offer 50 or 100 different types of draught beer, the lines running to the beer taps are often times really far away from where the beer is poured often times causing a lot of waste or low quality beer.

Different Types of Kegerators

The best kegerators all follow a very similar design. There are a few brands in particular that we like including Edgestar Kegerators, Nostalgia Kegerators and Versonel Kegerators.

Kegerator for Restaurants

For many smaller establishment, having a bunch of different beer lines doesn’t make sense financially. You likely don’t move enough product to keep 5 or 6 kegs of beer fresh and the maintenance alone makes it more of a headache than it’s worth. Enter the kegerator.

Kegerators come in a variety of designs and can suit a restauranteurs every need.

Whether you want to offer one or two different types of beer, a Kegerator makes it affordable to begin offering draught beer products.

Kegerators Save Restaurants Money

The ability to serve draught beer will save a restaurant money. Draught beer is cheaper when bought buy the keg and the average keg will remain fresh once tapped for about a month. That means you only need to sell a couple of glasses of beer a day to avoid any waste. And because beer by the keg is cheaper, you can charge the same price (or more!) for your beer and collect the difference as profit.

Kegerators Allow You to Serve Any Beer You Want

Often times, big beer suppliers like Anheuser- Busch will help cover the cost of adding beer lines to your restaurant. It’s great because the upfront cost is covered but you are then forced to buy and serve their products which are often times of lower quality and can even be more expensive than your neighborhood brews.

With a beer kegerator, you’re allegiances lie with whichever brewery you choose.

In fact, you can rotate what beer goes in your kegerator continually offering your customers something new to try!

Kegerator for Home Use

I'm trying to think of something better than coming home after a long hard days' work, and simply pouring myself a cold glass of draught beer. The problem is I can't think of anything better - that's honestly the coolest thing ever. 

The other awesome thing is that there are relatively cheap kegerators for sale brand new from the likes of Amazon and Ebay. In fact, you could have a kegerator delivered to your home by weeks end right now if you'd like. With a Kegerator for home use, there are a few different things to consider.

Portability is an important factor as over time, you may want to move the kegerator around. All you need is a power outlet to power the fridge which makes it extremely flexible in case you want to keep it indoors or outdoors.

Cleaning a kegerator is fairly straightforward as well. Much like a regular fridge, it's important to keep the interior well maintained. The biggest difference with kegerator is that it's important to clean the beer line after each keg. It's fairly simple to do and the instructions for each kegerator will include how to properly clean the beer lines. If you get lazy, whatever beer you attach to dirty lines will begin to taste 'off''.​

Best Kegerator Reviews

Nostalgia KRS6100RETRORED 6.1-Cubic Foot Retro Series Full Size Kegerator

The Nostalgia Retro Series Kegerator was designed to mimic a 50s style motif. It is a single tap kegerator that offers a unique, attractive, sleek red door and cabinet with a chrome-plated tap. The unit has casters that lock allowing the user maximum mobility. By using the PSI and CO2 monitoring controls and using the adjustable thermostat, you can discover your perfect pour for whatever variety of brew you choose. The esthetic appeal of this unit will add a unique and eye catching element to your patio, garage, man cave or kitchen. This unit has earned itself a 5 star customer review on Amazon and so far boasts zero complaints.

Nostalgia KRS6100RETRORED

Versonel Full Keg Kegerator

Versonel Full Keg Kegerator

The Versonel Full Keg kergerator is perhaps the premier option when considering the best kegerator for your home or business. With a sleek black finish and stainless steel door, it looks extremely suitable for any environment you’re considering it for.

One noticeable difference on the Versonel compared to the Edgestar or Nostalgia is the enhanced LCD quick view front temperature display. ​Temperature is so important when it comes to beer so ensuring it's at optimal temperature should be easy. The exterior also includes a chrome guard rail, reliable wheel fixture and a professional performance tap handle.

The Versonal offers very similar internal features as the Edgestar and Nostalgia internally. It ships with a 2.5lb CO2 tank and a restaurant grade beer line system with easy cleaning directions. One of the great features when buy from Versonal is the fantastic customer service they offer.​Any issues you may have will be quickly resolved. The website is also robust in offering informative videos on how to clean and maintain your kegerator for years to come. 

SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser

Unlike the majority of the other kegerators on the market, this unit is designed to fit on your counter right next to the coffee machine! The SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator will chill beer within 19 to 21 hours and will store it between 32 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. The mini kegerator is fully equipped with a CO2 cartridge pressure system and will keep beer chilled and fresh for up to 30 days. The unit is designed to hold 5L kegs and weight less than 14 pounds!

There are no customer reviews yet in regards to this product, but it seems promising. The mini kegerator unit requires some assembly and has everything necessary to tap a non-pressurized keg. The unit also has an adapter to fit Heineken and New Castle pressurized kegs.

SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser

EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs – Black and Stainless Steel

EdgeStar has long been the leading manufacturer of high-quality kegerators to meet any budget. This product has earned itself a 4.6 Star rating from happy customers. The things that most consumers are boasting about are the easy setup instructions, the reliable thermostat and cooling capacity and the space allotment to hold multiple kegs. There were a few happy customers who were sent incorrect parts or leaky kegs. These satisfied customers stayed happy because of the speedy customer service and resolutions that they received.

There have been some negative reviews that state they have had nothing but problems with their units, but these are few and far between. Thankfully EdgeStar customer service is a cut above the rest and they are always there to assist consumers at any stage of purchase with their issues.

Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs

Nostalgia KRS6100SS 6.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Double Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Dispenser

The Nostalgia KRS6100SS 6.1 Cubic-Foot Kegerator has earned itself mixed reviews. The unit’s attractive stainless steel and black finishes appeal to users with its locking casters used for added mobility. Customers are happy about the dual taps, esthetic appeal, temperature range, energy draw, keg carrying capacity, gauge regulator and reliability.

Contrarily, customers are not satisfied with the small CO2 tank, the quality of the beer and gas lines, the faucet quality, black plastic top, drip tray and the caster quality.

Nostalgia KRS6100SS


A kegerator is the best way to fully enjoy a perfect, cold beer in your home. It is basically a modified fridge or freezer that is designed to keep a keg of beer cold right until it enters your glass. Kegerators are favored by home brewers and ale enthusiasts because it maintains the freshness of the brew while keeping the head creamy and delicious. Ensure that you are doing your research and choosing an appropriate kegerator style that meets your household needs and budget requirements.

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