Best Natural and Organic Bodywash for Men

Pretty much anyone will tell you that they like smelling good. It’s not necessarily a revelation that everyone craves the comfort and confidence a pleasantly fragrant figure lends you. Some of us, however, have skin that’s a little more delicate than others and for this reason we need to look for organic alternatives.

I am of the mind that plenty of organic products out there are gimmicky and this label only serves as a way go garner a 15% surcharge from unsuspecting customers.

I am also of the mind that this is not a space for cynicism, so I’ll leave that aside for today and actually talk about the organic products that work. As I mentioned, if you have sensitive skin there are often weird additives to things like bodywash that can have adverse effects. This is no way to live, and I have suffered through a few of these injustices myself. So the simple alternative is to find a product that only contains natural ingredients, ones you’ve heard of, that shouldn’t mess with your delicate epidermis.

Today I thought it would be important to discuss these, so as I am wont to do, I picked three of my favourites and ones that will treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated.

None of these products are specifically marketed towards men, and this is because that’s an area where I’ve had problems in the past. I often find the scents included to be overwhelming and the products end up lacking in quality. The three products I chose to bring to the fore today are, again, not for men but they’re going to be relatively inoffensive in terms of fragrance as well as doing what they’re supposed to do.

Bodywash is a fairly personal item, so it’s likely that not all of these are going to be to your liking. I would suggest that you give all three a go and see which one works best for you. At least one of the three should be up your alley and be able to perform the way you want a bodywash to. With all of that in mind, here are the three best natural and organic bodywashes you can get your (soon to not be) filthy paws on.

Puracy 100% Natural Body Wash

Best All Natural Body Wash

The first thing you’ll notice about this first offering we looked at from Puracy is the very pleasant, yet mild scent. They call is citrus and sea salt, which sound weird I guess, but is very mellow and nice. It’s made for both men and women so it’s safe to guarantee that it’s not going to be too scent-forward in either gender’s direction.

The second thing you’ll notice, and this is something they’re clearly quite proud of, is the fact that this product is about as organic and natural as you can make it. It’s vegan, gluten-free, 100% natural, biodegradable, and very animal friendly. (They make mention of being PETA-approved here, which I guess is a good thing. PETA’s weird). Anyway, what this amounts to is that if you’re running in to skin issues with this product than you probably have some bigger problems that would requite the opinion of a professional.

All in all, this is a fine product and one we highly recommend. It’s all the things you would expect a natural product to be, performs as such, and has a scent that won’t offend even the pickiest of noses. Despite their aggressive marketing, this was probably my favourite product and one I find myself going back to when I need to refill my current lot

Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel

Avalon Organic Bath Gel for Men

The second product we chose to talk about was this one from Avalon Organics. This product, much like the one from Puracy, boasts its organic bona fides as a badge of pride. And as they should, as this product too is vegan, gluten-free, animal friendly, non-GMO, and biodegradable, amongst all the other things it brings to the table.

What I didn’t care for as much as the bodywash from Puracy is the scent. It’s called “Nourishing Lavender” and just didn’t quite do it for me. It’s not that it’s too feminine but that I’m not the type of cat who enjoys anything that’s overly floral, and that’s how I found this one to be. If you’re someone who’s not necessarily bothered by things like that than this is a fine option for you. what I did like about it is that my skin felt great when I exited the shower, which is half the battle.

This is a fine product that, if you can put up with or possibly happen to enjoy the scent, then this is a fine product. It’s priced quite well too, as this guy comes in a 32 oz. bottle. It’s one that will probably quite divisive, but I think it’s definitely worth a shot.

OGX Creamy Body Wash, Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus

Coconut Milk Hibiscus Body Wash for Men Organic

Coconut Milk Hibiscus Body Wash for Men Organic

The last bodywash we chose to take a look at was this number from OGX. It’s quite different than the other two options in that it has a milkier consistency to it. I agree that that sounds grounds, but it’s a fact. Don’t let that little detail dissuade you from purchasing it, though. What it lacks in attractive adjectives to describe it, it more than makes up for in moisture and nourishment.

This was definitely my favourite in terms of how my skin felt after I hopped out of the shower. It’s definitely built to moisturize your epidermis and it does that very efficiently. The scent is described as something called “Coconut Milk Hibiscus,” which I realize isn’t going to be that attractive to most men, but is much more pleasant than one would assume. It actually ends up being a lot more masculine than you might think and isn’t nearly as sweet as the name suggests.

This product is natural and will more than do the trick for those that suffer from overly sensitive skin. If you have dry skin and are looking for a natural option to combat that terrible plight, then I think this is the best option of the three.

I realize most men are going to grab the first male branded bodywash they see on the shelf and be satisfied with that, and that’s okay. If you have slightly different sensibilities when it comes to your skin than it would behoove you to give one of these bodywashes a try. There should be something here that works for your skin and your palette. All of these will moisturize (to varying degrees of course), and none are that offensive in their scent that they need to be tossed immediately. That special someone in your life will appreciate your efforts to soften your skin as well as those to care for mother earth; she knows when you aren’t putting in the effort.

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