Caring For Your Beard: A 101 Guide

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Understanding How To Care For Your Beard: A 101 Guide

The act of growing and grooming a mustache, beard or other facial hair is known as Pogonotrophy. Before growing a beard many men think that the only requirement is to cease shaving. The beard will grow but there is more to the process than simply giving up on the clean shaved look. If you considered that you would have to work less having facial hair than having none at all, you’re in for a big surprise!

A good looking beard will earn you a fair amount of compliments and boost your self-confidence. But beards don’t only make you look fantastic! They come along with great benefits. Thick beards block UV rays protecting your skin from the sun as well as providing a filter reducing the effects of conditions like hay fever and allergies. Did you know that shaving spreads the bacteria that causes acne? So, having a beard that is well groomed will encourage blemish free skin! How much better does it get?

As with everything in life there are always negative stories that circulate. Some beard myths include:

Beards are itchy!

Like the hair on your head your facial hair needs care too. As you beard grows and starts to thicken adding a beard oil will help moisturize your skin, reducing any dryness, and will soften the hair making it more manageable. You can even get vitamins for your beard that will help maintain your skin and hair quality. But…yes… beards can be itchy, if you aren’t giving it the proper care.

You need a barber to trim

No, no you don’t. Having all the resources you have online it’s easy to learn how to use beard trimming tools and get trips and tricks on how to trim facial hair. No matter how much you instruct a barber they will usually cut to their liking or what they consider best. Either you take the time to learn or you take the time to find a great barber.

You won’t get hired

There are plenty of bearded men in the work environment, especially nowadays. Contrary to popular beliefs most companies are not strict about facial hair at work as long as it is maintained neat and clean. Going to an interview with a good looking beard can actually boost your chance’s of employment, you’ll stand out and hopefully leave an impression!

Dos and Don'ts

Taking care of your beard only requires minor adjustments in you schedule. Once you get your grooming routine down, the whole process should take about 5-10 minutes unless it’s time for a trim. What are some dos and don’ts of beard maintenance?

Do invest in tools

Having the right tools will increase your chance’s of success. What tools are essential?

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  • Wide tooth comb is obligatory! It will help comb out tangles, break of bunches of hair and help you identify fly aways that need to be cut. Some sites, like, offer credit card sized combs that fit in your wallet helping you maintain a neat appearance wherever you go.
  • Scissors help you maintain fly-aways under control. Small scissors give more control when trimming beards as well as mustaches. It’s safer than using a razor to determine your cheek line.
  • Quality beard trimmers help maintain the length of your beard, getting rid of that neck beard and cheek lines. Overall shaping up your beard.
  • Electric razors accurately shave facial hairs reducing nicks and cuts significantly. Using an electric razor instead of a traditional blade reduces the risk of butchering your beard.

Do trim in stages

When in doubt, don’t trim. There is definitely a thing such as over trimming and that’s why you should trim in stages. Avoid cutting too much off or you’ll end up dissatisfied with the shape or length. Start off trimming away fly-aways and maybe once a month schedule an actual trim and cut day if you want to maintain your beard at an exact length.

Do pick a style that goes with you face

There is a huge variety of facial hair styles. Most people don’t do their research and simply grow out what might be in fashion only to find that it doesn’t suit their face. What beard goes with your face?

Oval faced men are blessed. Most facial hair styles look great on oval shaped faces. So feel free to try anything! Mustaches, goatees or full beards!

Round faced guys want to elongate the face with facial hair. Grow hair longer towards the bottom while maintaining the sides short. Try your luck with a circle beard.

Square faced like David Beckham? Highlight that square jaw with a short full beard. Not into full beards? Try a mustache or get creative with friendly mutton chops.

Diamond faced men should always maintain hair on the chin. It will broaden the chin and draw attention away from the widest part of the face, the cheekbones. Go for a full beard or a goatee.

Inverted Triangle faced guys want to keep the forehead and jaw looking proportional putting emphasis on the narrow chin. Try the balbo or for a fuller beard try the bandholz.


Don’t over-shampoo

First thing’s first! If you shampoo your beard with the same shampoo as your head, Stop! Hair shampoo strips hair of natural oils and your face is much more sensitive than your scalp. Start off by purchasing a beard shampoo. Feel encouraged to hydrate your beard by washing with simple warm water everyday but leave the suds for only once a week followed by a beard conditioner. These items are now readily available in most shops that sell beard products, make sure you read up on the ingredients and go for the most natural approach.

Don’t dye your beard

Like growing facial hair, growing grey hairs is a natural process of life. A lot of men opt for shaving their beards off when the grey’s start to show. Other’s try dye, often leading to disastrous results. Not only do you run the risk of dyeing the skin around your beard but if you do get it right you’ll have to dye almost daily to maintain the color going. Instead, embrace your nature highlights they’ll give you an experienced look which is certainly considered attractive.

Don’t trim your beard when wet

Curly hair is best cut when dry. Same applies to your beard. Water elongates the hair giving you the sensation of having a longer beard. You might cut off extra inches and not notice until it’s too late. Try cutting the hair before getting in the shower, additional benefit is that you’ll wash away those pesky hairs!

Grooming your facial hair doesn’t have to an unfortunate event in your schedule. Beard maintenance is part of the awesome experience of having beard. Enjoy the ride and grow what your father gave you!

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