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What to wear with Vans

What to Wear with Vans

We’ve spoken about the venerable shoe (and other stuff) company Vans quite frequently. Perhaps you’re asking why, and that’s a reasonably fair question, I guess. Well, we talk about Vans for a lot of reasons, chief among them that they’re great. Simple, sure, but that’s pretty much the biggest reason why we like Vans so […]

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Yeezy Boost Colorways

Adidas Yeezy Boosts Colorways

Continuing along the vain of the article we did with the Adidas Tubular shoes, we thought we would bring you some words regarding the much ballyhooed Yeezy Boost, aka, Yeezys. You all know the ones, Kanye West’s signature shoe line with Adidas, the perfect balance of tech and casual comfort. Regardless of how you feel […]

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Adidas Tubular Colorway List

Adidas Tubular Colorways

Admittedly the title is a bit deceiving, we haven’t tracked down every Tubular that Adidas has put out. It’s a work in a progress, but rest assured we’ll be adding to this weekly.The Adidas Tubular line is a modern concept born out of the past. By taking vintage styles from their archives and reworking them with […]

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The Best Jean Brands

The Best Jean Brands (You’ve Never Heard Of)

We talk about jeans here a lot. It’s obviously something we’re passionate about and not something we get sick of talking about. We discuss a lot of different brands and styles of denim, some familiar and some not, and today we want to delve a little deeper into some labels you may not be familiar […]

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What To Wear On Casual Friday (Site)

How To Wear A Cardigan

The cardigan is often associated with being conservative. Not in a political sense, but the sense of one who’s largely risk-averse. How the cardigan got this reputation I’ll probably never know, and frankly, it’s not really that important. Maybe it’s because traditionally, it’s always been worn by conservative looking fellows like politicians and Mister Rogers. […]

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Shoes To Wear With Shorts

Shoes To Wear With Shorts

When you throw on a pair of shorts, it always seems as though your shoe options are fairly limited. I think a lot of men either go with their go-to sneakers or a pair of flip-flops. While I can always get behind a well-worn pair of sneakers, flip-flops I can’t abide. They’re lazy, and ugly, […]

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Sweaters to not look like cliff huxtable

Sweaters To Not Look Like Cliff Huxtable

There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to be compared to Bill Cosby at this juncture, but we’re here to talk about his sweaters. For today’s purposes, we’re going to only speak about his character Cliff Huxtable as this is supposed to be a fun and informative look at sweaters (we’re certainly […]

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how to match shirts

How to Match Shirts

Picking the right tie to match your shirt is an age-old problem. The problem lies in the fact that we often buy what we like at the time without a thought to what we already have in our closet. It’s a failure in our approach to shop with any sense and direction. We’ve all fallen […]

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Workwear and Fashion

Workwear And Fashion – How To Blend Them

Workwear is something that we here on this site love. Workwear is steeped in history and provides us with the quality and durability we crave on a day-to-day basis. As we’ve stated before, we’re not really that into fashion here but every now and then a piece catches our eye that we deem to be […]

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How to Wear Compression Shorts

How To Wear Compression Shorts

We have officially arrived at a place on this here site where things have become personal; it seems as though we’ve become quite close over the last while. I’m going to be entering your personal space over the next few paragraphs, and for that access I am deeply humbled. A little scared, to be honest, […]

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