Guinness Kegerator

Guinness Kegerator

For those of us who crave the dark, delicious stout fresh out of the keg while at home, look no further than a Guinness Kegerator. Whether you are entertaining guests, throwing an event, or just really love the deep, creamy flavor of a nice cool Guinness, a kegerator will exceed your expectations. Guinness kegerators come with all the necessary specialty additions to pour a perfect mug of stout. Most will also offer a secondary standard faucet so that you are able to accommodate various other types of beer choices within your kegerator.

Readily available Guinness Kegerators comes in two ways;

  • You can purchase the ready-made refrigerator that is customized to deliver the delicious frothy stout beer that you are craving, for a price.
  • You can save some money and buy yourself a conversion kit.

Conversion kits definitely save you when it comes to the wallet, but there is something to be said about receiving a shipment of your pre-assembled, ready to go kegerator! All you will need to do is visit a local supplier of gasses to obtain your CO2/Nitrogen mix.

Let’s examine some of the Guinness kegerators that are available for purchase, they range in price from $700 to over $2000 US and come in black or stainless steel options;

Why do you need a Specialty Kegerator for Guinness and Stouts?

Most beer dispensing systems and kegerators simply require the addition of CO2. As any Guinness lover will tell you, it is not your average beer. In order to obtain that fantastic flavor that only Guinness provides, you will been a mixed gas containing both CO2 and nitrogen. In order to ensure your admission to stout heaven, you need to visit your local gas dealer to acquire the perfect mixture of 25% CO2 and 75% nitrogen.

Another key point when dispensing stout is the addition of a European specialty faucet and a U-coupler. The specialty faucet is called a “chrome stout faucet”, it contains a restrictor disc within the faucet head. This is what enables you to get that unmistakable Guinness head with every dispensed mug.

Guinness Kegerator Reviews

Complete Draught Guinness Kegerator by Kegworks

The EdgeStar Dual Tap Kegerator is an economical, high-quality option to set up a commercial brewing system allowing you to serve cold draft beers. This full-sized kegerator is able to reach temperatures in the low 30s which makes this the coldest kegerator on the market. This commercial unit is reliable and high quality that combines a designed-to-fit refrigerator with commercial-quality, NSF-approved air and beer lines.

The dual tap kegerator provides a temperature range between the low 30s and mid 40s, a two piece drip tray, chrome safety tower and rail, protective floor plate, rolling casters, and reversible door. The EdgeStar operates with an input voltage of 115 V/60 Hz and weighs 81.6 pounds. It has external dimensions of 48 ½ inches high x 20 1/10 inches wide x 24 13/16 inches deep.

Complete Draught Guinness Kegerator

The complete draught Guinness kegerator system offered by KegWorks offers nearly everything a stout lover needs to enjoy the creamy, rich taste of stout beer in their own home. When you purchase this ready-made solution for your household, you will be getting a black BM23 keg fridge that is specially outfitted to dispense Guinness. It will also come with a normal faucet for those days that your pallet is requesting something different.

The Guinness kegerator from KegWorks comes with a 4-year warranty on its compressor and a 1-year warranty on parts directly through Beverage Air. This warranty is valid only in the United States. Three or four year parts protection can be added at checkout for an additional fee. This covers breakdowns and malfunctions and includes 24/7 customer support with free shipping, no deductibles and no hidden fees. The parts protection is fully refundable within the first 30 days.


· 24” Wide by 37 ½” High by 28 ½” Deep

· 7.8 Cubic Foot Net Capacity

· Will hold either a 5 gallon keg, ¼ keg or a ½ keg (Guinness is only available in ½ kegs in the US)


· Chrome stout faucet

· Double gauge nitrogen regulator

· Nitrogen regulator to CO2 Tank Adapter

· Air line jumper

· Beer line cleaning kit

· Fridge thermometer

Does NOT include:

· Nitrogen gas tank

Guinness Refrigerator Conversion Kit by Kegworks

If you are looking to save money on your Guinness and Stout kegerator, Kegworks now offers a do-it-yourself conversion kit. This kit includes everything that the previously mentioned “Complete Draught Guinness Kegerator” offers except for the fridge and the standard faucet for other beer options. It is a fraction of the cost and has a 5.0 star review on! You will still need to purchase the CO2/Nitrogen gas tank as well as a suitable fridge.

Guinness Refrigerator Conversion Kit

EdgeStar Stout/Guinness Kegerator

The EdgeStar Stout/Guinness Kegerator is a cost-effective pre-assembled solution for stout lovers under $1000! The kegerator accommodates one half barrel keg and reaches temperatures into the low 30s. This kegerator comes equipped with everything that is specially required to pour a perfect stout; a U coupler, stainless steel stout faucet and a 5 lbs nitrogen tank that ships empty, ready to be filled with the necessary 25% CO2/75% Nitrogen gas blend. The package also includes a nitrogen regulator, guard rail, caster wheels and a drip tray.

The unit is suitable for dispensing any variety of stout beer but cannot accommodate oversized rubber quarter barrel kegs or beveled wall quarter barrel kegs. It will, however, accommodate any Guinness keg and with the addition of a regular faucet, sold separately, it can dispense other varieties of beer.

EdgeStar Stout/Guinness Kegerator

· 23 5/8” Wide by 33 ½” High by 23 3/8” Deep

· Weight: 81.6 lbs

· Input voltage: 120 V/60Hz

· Warranty: 1 year part, 90 day labor


Remember that not just any kegerator will do for a stout beer like Guinness. You require a special mix of nitrogen and CO2 as well as special couplers and a faucet designed with a stout’s unique qualities in mind. Ready-made Guinness kegerators come with all of these additions, and some even come with the necessary gas tank that you will need to fill locally.

There is nothing quite like a smooth, creamy stout beer like Guinness. Whether you choose to purchase a ready-made Guinness kegerator to save yourself on time and offer convenience or if you prefer to save money on a do-it-yourself Guinness kegerator kit, one thing is certain. After one sip of your mug containing the trademark head of a properly poured Guinness, you will say goodbye to cans forever!

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