Haier Draft Beer Dispenser Kegerator Review

Haier Draft Beer Dispenser Kegerator Review

Whether you are a beer loving home brewer or a professional bar owner, according to the manufacturer, the Haier kegerator is fabricated to meet your needs. It is designed to wheel around events, dinner parties or BBQs to deliver delicious, refreshing and chilled beer straight out of the keg. The HBF05EBSS is capable of holding half, quarter and mini barrel kegs. It measures 26.5” by 24” by 36” and weighs 106 pounds. Its stylish design offers an appealing stainless steel door, a heavy-duty textured working top and cabinet and a black exterior with rounded corners to avoid unnecessary jabs.

This beautifully designed kegerator is outfitted with an auto-defrost function, an American Sankey Tap System, and a thermostat that is adjusted to your cooling preference. The keg base is made out of stainless steel and includes a guard rail, drip tray and chrome beer tower. The Haier Draft Beer Dispenser includes an empty CO2 tank, hoses, a tap cleaning kit and a pressure regulator gauge. When you fill your CO2 tank at your local gas supplier, it should last you approximately 5 or 6 kegs.

Haier Draft Beer Dispenser Kegerator

What Do People Love about the Haier Kegerator?

  • Cleaning Kit Included:The unit comes with a tap cleaning kit
  • Easy to Install: The unit includes easy to follow instructions to guide you through the installation process
  • Esthetic Appeal: Combining smudge-resistant stainless steel doors with a black body to create an appealing kegerator for any household.
  • All-Inclusive Parts: The kegerator comes with everything you need; empty CO2 tank, hoses, beer line, pressure regulating gauge, drop tray, faucets, guard rail and an American Sankey Tap System
  • Durability: Haier has a reputation for high-quality, durable components
  • Varied Storage Capacities: The kegerator can hold quarter barrel, half barrel and mini kegs.
  • Transforms Into a Fridge: This kegerator can be used as a regular refrigerator and has two wire shelves that can be installed
  • Varied Mobility Options: The kegerator can be used for mobile purposes by wheeling it around using its four casters. It can also be left in a single location using its leveling legs.

Customer Complaints

It should be noted that 40% of Amazon customers gave this product a 1.0 star review because of the following issues;

  • Temperature Control Issues: Some customers have encountered difficulties with the thermostat. They have mentioned that the unit has run too cold and has frozen kegs or too hot making the beer foamy
  • Poor Customer Service: There have been numerous complaints made by customers about issues with the Haier’s customer service team
  • Dispenser Freezing Up: Some reviewers are remarking about the dispenser freezing up and causing the interior of the unit to heat up
  • Cost Difference: Customers are having issues with the added $100 for this unit in comparison to the Haier HBF053ABB which they are stating is the same thing
  • Noisy: Multiple customers have issued complaints about the noise level of this unit
  • Missing CO2 Washer: Some customers indicate that their clear CO2 washer was missing while others think they may have thrown it out accidentally.


The Haier Kegerator is a full-sized keg beer cooler that has the option of being turned into a standard refrigerator with two included shelves. This kegerator’s stainless steel door is designed to be smudge resistant while the unit runs with energy efficiency in mind. It can be moved around on its casters to entertain on your deck, patio, or in your man cave. If you prefer to have the unit stay in the same place, simply take advantage of the levelling legs.

The HBF05EBSS has earned itself a 3.0 star rating through Amazon. Customer reviews are mixed on this product, with some people being absolutely thrilled with their unit and others encountering issues with pricing, temperature controls and customer service. The majority of customer complaints seem to be in regards to the missing CO2 washer and temperature regulation, the following tips have been brought forward by happier customers;

· CO2 Washer: When you go to get your tank filled for the first time, the gas company will provide a washer for free. Ensure that you are installing this properly. The company does not need to include a CO2 washer when it is included for free from a gas supplier.

· Temperature Control: Allow the keg to sit overnight in the cooler before tapping. It is recommended to go for a half to ¾ turn on the thermostat screw as opposed to a full turn, this enables a cooler beer temperature without forcing the unit to run so much that it will burn out.

The unit comes with a metal safety rail in order to prevent mugs and glasses from sliding off it. With its simple instructions and all-inclusive packaging, this unit is easily installed and simply requires the addition of CO2 in the included empty tank and a keg of your favorite beer.

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