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Manly Lunch Box

There comes a time in every man’s life when brown-bagging it to the office will no longer cut it. You’re a man of discriminating taste, a take charge type of gent.

Bringing your ham and cheese to the office the same way you did when you were eight just doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. Once you reach a certain vintage you need to reflect that not only in the way you carry yourself, but in the things you wear and the accessories you choose to use.

A lunch box is an accessory most men probably don’t think too much about, and that’s fair. Perhaps you’ve grown accustomed to the brown bag or you tend to eat out a lot. Either way, it’s not something you’ll probably think about until you’re faced with the reality of using the same lunch bag as a child. Not only that, but it’s a waste of paper, and surely you’ve become a more conscientious person than that over the years.

So where does that leave you, you ask? Well, there are some manly options out there that will look more age appropriate as well as keep your food nice and cool, and that’s what we’re going to be covering today.

As we get older we start to appreciate the finer things more than we have in the past, and a finely made lunch box certainly fits into that category. And even if you’re not concerned with aesthetics, having something that performs admirably in keeping your food at the right temperature is a must as well.

If you’re the type of guy that takes his lunch seriously (I do!) then this is certainly going to be worth your time. None of these lunch boxes are going to break the bank either, they’ll simply provide you with a handsome and effective option for hauling your ham and cheese to the office. With that in mind, here are our favourite manly lunch boxes out there today.

Everest Cooler Lunch Bag

Everest Cooler Lunch Bag

The first lunch box we wanted to discuss was this one from Everest. It’s by no means the flashiest model you’re going to come across, but it’s here to sell the steak not the sizzle. This model comes in a multitude of colours, so you can really accentuate your wild personality if you feel the need to do so. We, however, feel that the simple black model is probably going to be your best bet.


This guy is fully insulated and comes with a vinyl covering to keep it covered form the elements. It’s got a simple one-pocket design that is more than spacious enough for your ham and cheese, your snack pack, and a box of five alive. Not only that, but it will fit into your well appointed bag that is also befitting of a man your age. (See how it’s all coming together?)

This is a low-key but efficient option that will work for any person looking for an upgrade. If you’re not the type of guy who needs to express their personality through the receptacle in which they carry their lunch to the office, then this is the lunch box for you. Oh! And it has a front pocket for your napkin and utensils you little scamp.

Hango Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag

Hango Manly Lunch BoxesHango Manly Lunch BoxesThe second lunch box we wanted to talk about is this one from Hango. What immediately struck us regarding this lunch box was the aesthetics; something we thought really fit well with other products we like. The simple black canvas works quite well with the light brown leather patches with the name embossed. The leather carrying strap on top is quite handsome as well. It’s subtle, but still looks better than your average lunch box.

The second thing that caught our attention was the fact that this actually comes as a set of two, with the larger capable of housing a six-pack should you be so inclined. The second is better suited to a sensible lunch: again, your ham and cheese and maybe a banana if you’re lacking in potassium.

Aesthetics aside, these are sensible lunch boxes and will be more than sufficient in keeping your turkey and Havarti cold and fresh, without making the bread soggy. They are quite a reasonable price as well, considering you get two lunch bags. This is a fine option for the aesthetically inclined as well as those looking for a very practical set up. We want to look good while eating our Rueben; is that too much to ask? It is not.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Lunch Bag

Rubbermaid Lunch Box For MenThe last box we chose to look at was this offering from the old standby, Rubbermaid. Rubbermaid has been producing things that hold other things for what I can only assume has been decades. They make fantastic containers for lunch and storage, amongst other things. What all this goes to proving is that Rubbermaid has a very good idea of what they’re doing when it comes to holding your stuff. They’re a trusted name in stuff holding; maybe THE trusted name.

Anyway, what we liked about this pack is that it’s got an interesting design as well as a few features the other boxes don’t come with. We like the addition of the sleeve on the side to hold your beverage. There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to squeeze in one more pack of cookies but its space has been occupied by the vegetable juice someone is forcing you to drink because “health” or something. What’s more, this bad boy is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. It’s the true lunching catch-all.

In terms of its looks there are a few different designs to choose from, some splashier than others. Choose one that speaks to you, whether that causes you to get some sideways looks at the office or not. Lunch is the time you’re off the clock, which means it’s time to be you. This is a lunch box we quite liked and it’s obviously one that’s going to get the job done for you. It’s Rubbermaid, remember, and they’re the best at making stuff that holds other stuff.

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