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​The Latest: Men's Casual Wear

What to Wear with Vans
We’ve spoken about the venerable shoe (and other stuff) company Vans quite frequently. Perhaps you’re asking why, and that’s a[...]
The Best Jean Brands (You’ve Never Heard Of)
We talk about jeans here a lot. It’s obviously something we’re passionate about and not something we get sick of[...]
How To Wear A Cardigan
The cardigan is often associated with being conservative. Not in a political sense, but the sense of one who’s largely[...]
Shoes To Wear With Shorts
When you throw on a pair of shorts, it always seems as though your shoe options are fairly limited. I[...]
Sweaters To Not Look Like Cliff Huxtable
There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to be compared to Bill Cosby at this juncture, but[...]
How to Match Shirts
Picking the right tie to match your shirt is an age-old problem. The problem lies in the fact that we[...]
Workwear And Fashion – How To Blend Them
Workwear is something that we here on this site love. Workwear is steeped in history and provides us with the[...]

​The Latest: Men's Fashion & Style

Fashionable Athletic Apparel for Injuries
Gym fashion hit a new level in the 80’s with bright colors and Spandex everything, and at this point, those[...]
Apparel for Health Care Professionals
If you're a health care professional, for example, a doctor, nurse, lab technician, etc, you understand the importance of comfort[...]
Shirts to wear with a navy suit
A navy suit is perhaps the most versatile suit a man can own. We’re unabashed fans of navy here too,[...]
Untucked Vs Tucked In: Dress Shirts
The untucked dress shirt is a time-honoured tradition for those who don’t know how to dress. These types usually think[...]
Business Travel: Packing Light (Carry-on Only)
There was a time I travelled so little that I would almost always check a bag. But as I’ve grown[...]
What Colour Shirt to Wear With a Black Suit
The reason most men choose to wear a black suit is because it’s easy. You typically can’t screw up a[...]

​The Latest: Accessories & Grooming

Steam Room Etiquette
I’ve been in enough steam rooms in my life to see things that I never thought would take place, and I have heard stories from so many other men and women echoing the same sentiment. This led me to believe that it would be important to compile a list of behaviours and actions that are inappropriate for any of you out there who may not have a good grasp on these things.
Best Natural and Organic Bodywash for Men
Pretty much anyone will tell you that they like smelling good. It’s not necessarily a revelation that everyone craves the[...]
Manly Lunch Box
There comes a time in every man’s life when brown-bagging it to the office will no longer cut it. You’re[...]
Best Chapstick for Men
Not a lot of men think too hard about lip chap or lip balm. Fair play to them; it’s not[...]
Take Your Beard To The Next Level With A Beard Brush and Comb
Perhaps the most underrated aspect of beard grooming, any beardsman worth his salt is going to want to pick up[...]
Best Beard Trimmers for Grooming
If you’re not going to be shaving your face every day, it would behoove you to at least try to[...]
Best Aftershave For Men (And Ones To Avoid)
With a lot of men moving towards the shaggier look, perhaps you haven’t put too much thought into aftershave recently.[...]
Best Electric Beard Trimmer
I think we can all agree that shaving is a pain. Whether you’re diligent enough to do it every day[...]
Best Body Washes for Men (Sensitive and Non-Sensitive Skin)
Like most men, I’ve been known to perspire and get a bit musky from time to time. While it may[...]

​The Latest: Cocktails & Craft Beer

Alcoholic Beverages Ranked by Calories
I, like a lot of folks, don’t mind tying one on now and then; everything in moderation including moderation (I[...]