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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working As A Nail Technician

Are you considering a career in manicure mastery? While it is an attractive, creative, and potentially lucrative pursuit, the profession has advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed carefully before deciding if this is the right path for you. From selecting the right products to having good interpersonal skills and dealing with customer expectations, there are many aspects to consider when working as a manicure master. In this blog post, we’ll explore these topics in more detail by examining the advantages and disadvantages of being a professional nail technician.


Demanded trade

All modern women should take care of their nails. Girls in school, college students, moms, and working women should ensure their nails look nice.

Short-term training and its low cost

After completing a two-week course and gaining basic knowledge, you can safely start accepting clients. The next step is to upgrade your skills.

Flexible work schedule

This item applies more to self-employed artisans since nail studio workers are often deprived of this privilege. Single masters themselves decide when to accept a client and when to take a day off.

Realization of creative potential

You can constantly experiment with the design, invent new trends, and surprise clients. Every day you work in your creative field and develop yourself further.

Opportunity to meet interesting people

A good master is a friend to his clients. Today you painted the nails of a well-known lawyer, and tomorrow she has already helped to draw up an important contract.

A stable influx of customers

If you win the client’s trust, she will visit you regularly, while in other areas of the beauty industry, such constancy can only be dreamed of.


High competition and low wages

As a beginner, you will have to compete with more experienced professionals. The level of wages in manicure salons is traditionally not high, so you need to be prepared that it will be difficult to make money at first. Even if you already have experience, sometimes clients are capricious and do not appreciate your services.

professional nail technician

Risk of allergies & skin rashes

Due to constant contact with chemical-containing materials, you or the client may develop an allergic reaction or even a rash. Therefore, it is important to have antiseptics and antihistamines in case of emergency.

Health risk

Due to the proximity of hands and face, there is a possibility of infection from pathogens living in the nail polish. Therefore, it is important to observe all safety precautions and always keep your working area clean.

Big financial investment at the start

You need to buy many things for polishing nails, like different polish colors, foundations, and fixatives. You also need tools and some special items to help you. It costs a lot of money but will last for a long time.

The need for constant development

Fashion is constantly changing. New techniques and new tools appear. Clients will not support your conservatism and will go to other masters.

Ungrateful, conflicted, and problematic clients

Without brawlers, deceivers, and outright fools – the nail industry was not left without them. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to contact with very aggressive and negative personalities, and this needs to be learned.

As you can see, becoming a professional nail technician has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to weigh them carefully and decide if this is your career path. With hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, being a manicure master can be a rewarding and fulfilling job.