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properly care for your nails

Seven Nail Care Tips To Follow At Home

Do you want your nails to always look stunning? Then, taking great care of them is a must! However, you can turn yourself into a nail buff with effort and tips. From strengthening to polishing, learn to properly care for your nails from the comfort of your home. Here are seven key nail care tips that will give you beautiful nails in no time!

Beauty starts from within

The way your nails look can tell you something about your health. It might not be a big problem, but thinking about what you eat is good. First, try to eat different kinds of food, like fruits and vegetables. Also, include dairy products in your diet and eat healthy meals daily. Taking these steps may help with not only nail problems but also skin and hair issues, as well as keeping you fit.

Quality nail file

It is important to pick the best nail file. Try different types to find what works for you. Glass, metal, cardboard, and ceramic files are all different. The higher the number, the smoother it will be on your nails. To avoid splitting your nails, pick a smooth file that is not too rough. Also, it is recommended to file in one direction only.

Baths for nails

Salt and oil baths are important for taking care of your hands. They make your nails healthier with vitamins and minerals. Also, they can help if your nails are peeling off. Add lemon juice, vitamins, and special oils to the bath to make it even better. Then it will be like a spa treatment!

Trim your nails regularly

It is one of the most important nail care tips. It’s essential to trim your nails at least once a week. It will keep them from becoming too long and breaking easily. Make sure to use sharp scissors or clippers, as dull ones can cause damage to the nail bed. You should also cut them straight across instead of rounding them.

Take care of your cuticles

Use moisturizers every day and massage your nail bed with cuticle oil. Special removers and orange sticks will help get rid of excess skin. By the way, you can use rubber-tipped plastic pushers or metal tools instead of wooden sticks. Today, an unedged manicure is considered correct since it is the safest.

nail polish

Nail polish

Apply strengthening or protective varnishes to oil-free nails, and always use a base before applying a color coat. Then, let the nail polish dry thoroughly before applying a second coat. Don’t forget to use topcoat and cuticle oil for extra protection.


Regular hand care

It is essential to take regular care of your hands! Use special creams or gels with vitamins, especially during winter when they need more moisture. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep your nails natural or paint them in various colors— always remember that healthy and strong nails are the key to looking beautiful!

Following these seven tips, you can keep your nails looking beautiful and healthy. With a little bit of effort, your hands will be the envy of all your friends! Remember to take care of them properly, and don’t forget that beauty starts from within! Enjoy gorgeous nails with proper nail care!