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What Women’s Manicures Do Men Like?

Regarding women and their manicures, men usually have an opinion on what they find attractive. Whether it’s bright or dark colors, simple designs, or intricate detailing – the manicure you choose can often reflect your personality! While there is no single ‘rule’ when matching a mani with your style, we decided to investigate what type […]

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restore natural nail health

Why Fingernails Exfoliate: Causes And Solutions

Do you ever wonder why your fingernails get those unsightly ridges or, even worse, start to flake and peel off? You’re not alone; it’s a surprisingly common problem for many people. Unfortunately, fingernail exfoliation can be incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing – not to mention the underlying reasons behind it are often mysterious. In this blog […]

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Eye Makeup Rules

Looking to get your eye makeup just right? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a makeup beginner looking for essential tips and tricks, or a more experienced beauty aficionado up on all the trends, everyone can benefit from some expert insight into this vital part of any makeup look. With that in mind, […]

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